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  • Introduction

    30th Sep 2019 by

    For a very long time I have been interested in physiotherapy as a career path, so I intend on studying it at postgraduate level. To follow this career path, it’s highly important to me to have done some work experience within this field because it should make me more prepared to work after graduating (Haddara… Read more

  • References

    29th Nov 2019 by

    Cox, E. (2005). Adult learners learning from experience: using a reflective practice model to support work‐based learning. Reflective Practice, 6(4), 459-472. Ganta, V. C. (2014). Motivation in the workplace to improve the employee performance. International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences, 2(6), 221-230. Haddara, M. & Skanes, H. (2007). A reflection on cooperative education: from experience… Read more

  • Conclusion

    29th Nov 2019 by

    Overall, this work experience was a good one because I learned a lot about myself when it involves being in new environments, I have noticed that I am quite reserved because of the fear of intrusion which may sometimes leads to restricted verbal communication. However, I don’t need to feel this way because I am… Read more

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